Atlas of Anatomy/Osteology of Carnivores (Africa, Europe)

The French embassy at Nairobi have supported a joint French-kenyan project (2007-2008), {project still in ‘action’}, to develop a data base on African mammals (carnivore, herbivores, primates, etc.) from the rich collection of NMK, Osteology Dpt. (one of the richest on mammals in Africa). The database concerns morphometry and photography of all anatomical elements of many species. The PhotoBase presented here concerned only carnivores.

The photos round up African carnivores (NMK) and we also add European carnivores from French (MMSH, Aix-en-Provence) and Portuguese (CIPA) collections.

© for African photos : J.P.Brugal & O.Mwebi
© for European photos: J.P.Brugal

The species are:

Felidae Hyaenidae Canidae Mustelidae Ursidae
Panthera leo Crocuta crocuta Lycaon pictus Mellivora capensis Ursus arctos
Panthera pardus Hyaena hyaena Canis mesomelas Gulo gulo
Acinnoyx jubatus Canis lupus Meles meles
Lynx caracal Vulpes vulpes Lutra lutra
Lynx lynx
Felis silvestris

Several specimens are available according to the species considered (17 species and 26 specimens). And details (#, sex, age, side, location)

Carnivore List