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The African carnivore program and its international network constitutes a first step to a better understanding of their biology as well as what they can tell us about their origin with data on the paleoecosytems.

This will be link modern and past information on carnivores within Quaternary perspective, with possible development to include other biological data (herbivores, flora) as well as relevant geological s.l. data.

One of the main outcomes will be to ensure better integrative approaches of understanding complex conditions using modern proxies to be transferred to the past information.

– The website would like to be the base of a large relational Data-Base on large carnivores in Africa that includes information on and analyses of:

* Carnivore sites : Location of bone assemblage sites, carnivore species composition (and frequency) and chronology (dates) for the Quaternary period; this data will be gathered from members of the network and from literature (each member would fill a excel file with same structure, and send to the leader of the project, in order to be homogenize and then share by all) *

Morphometrical database on skull, teeth and post-cranial elements from different African countries, based on both fossils and modern specimens; one of the objectives would be to see if there are any differences (in term of body-size) related with geography, végétation and climate (temperature); this data will be generated during members meetings and data links provided;

This page constitutes a forum place where you can propose, comment and ask for all topics about carnivores: Feel free to use at your convenience

You can also contact directly:
Dr. Ogeto Mwebi,
Head Osteology section, National Museums of Kenya

Dr. Jean-Philip Brugal,
Research Director, CNRS